Vintage Toy Trains

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Vintage Toy Trains

Lionel model train - How much is your collection?

Lionel trains are worth a fortune? Okay, the answer to this question depends on several factors. For example, the value depending on which train was the train came and also the condition that the train is in. So that train before selling on eBay or in a sale local garage, consider the following factors first.

First, the value of collection in Lionel trains depends on the time they were produced. Lionel trains has been making since 1902 when first introduced the Electric Express model as a retail store display. However, the models are most popular by collectors are the trains "original Lionel" between 1940 and 1959. Trains produced during this post-World War II II era are considered some of the Lionel best products and coincide with the rise of the company as a giant in the U.S. toy industry.

Trains produced after 1969 are considered "Modern era Lionel" trains. These trains have not kept interest or value to collectors know much about those who are not in pristine condition and original packaging. Moreover, some critics argue reissues of old Lionel trains diminish the value of the original models.

Now that we have established the Lionel type trains that are highly sought by collectors, it is important to discuss the most influential factor in the value of a particular collection of train-the condition. Unlike of fans, collectors care less about how to operate the train compared with the train appears. In fact, the appearance of the train, because it determines the value dents, scratches and damaged decrease the value to a collector. Trains are in "very good" condition or brand new condition will with the highest price while it will seek to beat the lesser amount.

So how is the value actually determined? As for the collection Lionel trains, there are two guides that are published annually Lionel price and rarity guide and Greenburg Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains. However, keep in mind these price guides only provide a guide for pricing. The true value of a train depends on the buyer and seller. In other words, how much the seller is willing to offer to participate with the train and how much is the buyer willing to pay for the item.

There you have it. Not all Lionel trains are the same. Notes and can not only find a small piece of American history, but may also have a collection of antiques session in your attic or someone else's garage sale. Even if you're not a model train enthusiast, the train will be worth a pretty penny to a collector of trains Lionel.

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Gabriel O. Delaney is the author of "Model Train Secrets Exposed" which teaches you everything you wanted to know about the Lionel model train, including valuable information on how to save the most time and money with model trains and railroading.

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