Parker Brothers games from 1800’s

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Parker Brothers games from 1800’s

George S. Parker founded the original Parker Brothers company way back in 1800’s but it wasn’t named Parker Brothers at the time.  His brother, Charles, joined their business in 1888 and the Parker Brothers name was officially formed in 1893.  This duo brought on many of the great Parker Brother games from the 1800’s that many people do not recognize, but may recognize different games that was created with the idea of the originals in mind.  Some of the classic games have been revised and are still around today.

George Parker created most of the games himself, and was the sole creator of all of the rules for the different games.  Some of the most popular Parker Brothers games from the 1800’s were Klondike and War in Cuba.  All of the games, at the time, were created with realistic events in mind, which were occurring at the time.  Klondike was designed with the Alaskan Gold Rush in mind and themed after that even while the War in Cuba was based mainly ParkerGolfGameupon the Spanish and American War, which was being fought at the time.  These games didn’t seem like pieces of history, and most did not see them that way, but in modern day times, these are great games that can be used to study history and the events within.

Parker Brothers were just getting started in mainly board games in the 1800’s but was very highly talented in how they designed games that they set themselves up for a great business that brought joy to families, especially children, all over the world.  These classic games are very rare and to actually find one is nearly a miracle in itself, therefore, if you do happen to come across any Parker Brothers games from the 1800’s, consider yourself very lucky as many collectors have been chasing these games for many, many years.

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