Kenner Vintage Toys

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Kenner Vintage Toys

Collecting Star Wars toys, games for fun figures

If you want to pick up, or preparing to start collecting Star Wars toys, figures or other collectibles, need not be the type ultra serious collector who hopes to make a fortune by selling his collection one day only on eBay. There is nothing wrong with the collection of your favorite Star Wars Clone Wars or characters, vehicles and scenes just for fun. If you are just starting, here There are a few tips to help you choose the ideal category of Star Wars collectibles to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

What toys Star Wars / Figures to choose?

When collecting for fun, not money, is generally a good idea to select a category based on their personal preferences but still common sense in terms of price, size and availability of your chosen category of Star Wars collectibles.

  • Price: You probably want to stay away from rare vintage Star Wars figures, saber and blaster replicas and other expensive items. Instead, to estimate the size of the collection that you want to build, and then find more affordable alternatives that do not exceed your budget.
  • Size: Unless you have a separate room reserved for the sole purpose of storing his collection, is likely to avoid removing large-scale shipments to the types of portable Star Wars helmets, rifles etc blaster replicas Fortunately, most of these items also exist in scale versions, which does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice great level of detail, material quality and good workmanship.
  • Availability: If you want to continue collecting their favorite Star Wars toys for quite some time to come, it is best to choose the items produced in large quantities, which are easy to find and buy. It's a good idea stick with manufacturers as Hasbro. LEGO and other brands, which have a long-term license to produce Star Wars Clone Wars and official merchandise.

My Personal Tips

Here's my top 3 list of items that meet the above recommendations, and I personally find interesting and fun to collect.

  • LEGO Star Wars mini figures
    What makes them my first choice is that in addition to meeting all requirements above, which are very popular both among adult collectors and children. The line of Star Wars minifigures includes all his favorite characters can imagine, some of them several different versions. The fact that the parts are interchangeable makes them easily customizable, which adds even more value.

  • Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures
    This is a very popular online collection of vinyl figures released by 6-inch Hasbro is generally acknowledged general head and stocky body. Includes a complete set of characters from Star Wars inspired by the film's original saga, clone Wars animated series and even video game related. If you're creative, you can even buy a blank white figure customizable and create their own unique designs.
  • Star Wars Titanium series casting cars
    If you prefer to spaceships and vehicles to the figures, should consider the Hasbro line of highly detailed die-cast metal collection called Titanium Series. Replaces the original line of collectible castings produced by Kenner in 1979 and again leads all the quality and detail that makes these toys very popular with collectors.

For more information on the collection of Star Wars toys, figures, vehicles and other items, please visit Guide Star Wars Toy Figures & Collectibles ">.

I wish you much fun building your collection. May the Force be with you!

About the Author

Erik is a great fan and collector of all kind of star Wars toys, figures and other collectibles, always looking for new trends and fresh information related to this topic and happy to share his experience with other Star Wars fans and fellow collectors.

Kenner Maskatron Commercial Six Million Dollar Man

on another vintage toy, Mazinger Z in Japan?

had these toys in 1975 or 1976, they were sold in South Korea, but perhaps you know them. Were 3 3 / 4 inches tall action figures mazinger, the principal figure was a mazinger z figure was gold in color, these were not the figures thumbnail shogun warriors were another brand, do you remember them, they look like C3PO Kenner action figures?

Shogun warriors. They made 24 "small 6 inches and 3 3 4 / weak. "Mazinger, Dragun, Combatra, Most other Gaiking. Made by Mattel. Http: / / / wiki / Shogun_Warriors_ (toys)

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