Hidden Mickey

Posted on June 20th, 2010 by admin in Disney Collectible

Hidden Mickey

Haunted Mansion & Pirates Of The Caribbean; Hidden Mickey, And Ghost Stories?

I heard there was ghost in both of these rides!

Anyone know stories?

And What's With The Hidden mickey on the Haunted Mansion?!

There are always rumors involving ghastly "guests" at theme parks, especially in haunted-type attractions. Living in Orlando for the past few years, i've heard a few different tales, mostly about the Haunted Mansion. To set things straight, some employees do believe that there's actual "ghosts", while others choose to just reach a little bit more into their professions and loose themselves a bit into that Disney Magic. Legend has it (and I stress the word legend, because this one has never been confirmed) that a plane DID crash in the area that is now Disney World years before it's construction. However, it had been a few years before any actual ground-breaking, so it's mostly speculation. The only confirmed story I can give you was of a death of a younger man who died while riding the Haunted Mansion, that some people claim still haunts his last vacation destination. It was actually in the Seance' room, with Madame Leota's crystal ball. The gentleman proportedly saw the crystal ball and wanted a closer look, but when he got out of his Doombuggy, he fell more than ten feet to the ground below him. Many people don't realize how far above the ground you actually are mid-ride. The tracks are raised a good deal to make maintenance easier.
As for the Pirates of the Carribbean, people say that a construction worker went missing one day just before opening, and that in the dark rooms there was no way to find him. Although his supervisor thought they had seen him in the morning, nobody could find him come the lunch break, and they assummed he'd already left. People say something happened, and he ended up drowing in the shallow waters surrounding the pirate ship scene. Whether it was an accident, an angry co-worker, or a problem at home, the story isn't clear. But apparently, still today, if you look into the burning windows, you can sometimes still see him running past.
Again, these are all harmless stories, and I don't try and stress that i've seen the ghosts myself. But I do know some people, employees and otherwise, who swear by their existence, and I don't see myself as one to call them wrond. Oh, and as for the hidden mickey's, they're all over the place. Try www.hiddenmickeys.org for a better list that I could give ya.

Hidden Mickey Hunt (part 1)

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