Disney Haunted Mansion

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Disney Haunted Mansion

the pictures that expand from the DISNEY HAUNTED MANSION ride that expand to sho someone in perril?

I reallyt need the pictures from the ride haunted mansion ride at disneyland. the ones that when you first come in you see them a the wall and they expand showing someone in perril.... please help asap : )

There are four main portraits in the Haunted Mansion Ride in Disneyland.

Okay one of them appears to be a young girl dressed in pink with a bonnet and an umbrella. When the elevator decreases, you see that she is a tight rope walker over alligator infested water.

Another one is a young man dressed in a business suit. When he goes down, you see that he is on top of two other men, sinking in quick sand.

The third is an smiling old lady holding a flower. Going down, you can see that she is sitting on her husband's grave and there is an ax going through his head.

The fourth is another man in a suit. He is shown to be standing on dynamite.

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History of Disney's Haunted Mansion, Part 1

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