Disney Cinderella

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Disney Cinderella

What are the main differences between Disney's Cinderella and the original play?

Thanks for any help you can give me =)
also, if you don't know about the play, can you tell me the differences between the book and the movie?

haven't read a play. these differences are between Disney's Cinderella and the original Grimm's fairy tale.

in the Grimm's fairy tale, the stepsisters each cut off their heel and toe to try to fit into the glass slipper at the end, and in the end they were striken blind as "punishment for their wickedness".

there weren't any mice friends.

the father didn't actually die. he was there and let the stepmother treat Cinderella like crap.

there wasn't a fairy godmother in the book. Cinderella asked her father to bring home a branch. She planted the branch over her mother's grave and watered it with her tears. Two birds would perch on the branch and bring her whatever she asked for. that's how she gets the dress, etc. Cinderella met the prince on three different nights of balls(rather than just one) and ran away at the end of each night. The Stepmother put down pitch on the ground during the last night, and that's how she lost the shoe.

(Disney Cinderella Part 1)

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