Collectible toys from the 1980’s

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Collectible toys from the 1980’s

Collectible toys from the 1980’s have just recently become very collectible among avid toy collectors in the world.  The 80’s was sort of an awkward time for toy producers because of the high success of those from the 1970’s.  There were many toys produced that never quite hit the market with a bang, though there were some that did have success and are now highly sought after items.

Though some of the toys were very unusual, most of the popular toys during the 1980s seemed to follow the trend of those from the 70’s as reality characters and fiction characters, or dolls.  One of the most popular 1980’s toys was the Care Bears toys and the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 1980’s.  These two types have been produced in many different years and are loved by children and adults, though these vintage toys from the 80’s have play-villagebecome increasingly popular over the last few years.

Some of the unusual collectible toys from the 1980’s were the Mon Chi Chi, the Popples, and the Chubbles dolls.  The Popples was a doll that rolled around inside of a plastic doll.  The Mon Chi Chi toys were little monkey like characters that were made out of different types of fabrics, and the Chubbles was toys that would light up every time the light in the room would change.  Everyone in the past that had been buying toys at the time thought these were unusual mainly because they had been used to the past which were a little more realistic in characteristics and with the big change that many manufacturers took, many folks did not quite know how to take the big change and just thought it was strange.

Although unusual, some of these collectible toys from the 1980’s can be moderately expensive to very expensive mainly because there weren’t many manufactured.  The common toys can be purchase for inexpensive to very expensive prices, depending on the quality, quantity, and your personal want of the collectible toy.

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