Collectible toys from the 1950’s

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Collectible toys from the 1950’s

Collectible toys from the 1950’s were without a doubt, so of the greatest ways to spend good quality, family time for many hours a night during this time period.  A lot of the toys were geared towards young children, though a lot of toys were great for all members of the family, including the adults.

One of the extremely popular collectible toys from the 1950’s was the Tru Action Electric Football Game, manufactured by the Tudor Company, which was highly sought after and even implemented into a popular cartoon during the 50’s called “Pinky and the Brain.”  This bought in more exposure to the manufacturers’ toy and with time, the electric football game gained much popularity thereafter.  There are not many of these collectible toys available in today’s society, making it a nice privilege to actually take ownership of one of these great collectible toys, and especially one in good condition.

Wooden collectible toys from the 1950’s were also still very popular, as that is ph-original_potato_headwhat many people had simply been used to from the past.  These collectible toys (at the time not collectibles) were very durable and inexpensive which made it much easier for a family to provide the children with enough toys to stimulate their minds and provide entertainment throughout the day.

To be able to own one of these collectible toys from the 1950’s would be undoubtedly a great advantage to have.  There are many collectors’ exhibitions all over the world that many collectors are looking to buy and sell collectibles to add or reduce their collection.  Research local listings and magazines to find collectibles exhibitions and you will be sure to find collectible toys from the 1950’s that you may wish to or not to add to your own personal collection, or even start a collection of your own.

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