Action Figures Gi Joe

Posted on August 2nd, 2010 by admin in Vintage Toys

Action Figures Gi Joe

Barbie for boys .... Why not?

I still remember my childhood fondly. Years spent playing with my dolls and various accessories. The creation of imaginary world of glamor and adventure. My wrists were as an outlet for most of the girls the opportunity to forage in the social field with proverbial security blanket. A 12 "piece of blond hair perfect proportions of perfection. Gaggle of girls attending, along with representations of them in the trailer. These dolls provided an opportunity to socialize and play in a group setting.

I never gave much thought boys. Until I was a young child the other day asked for a doll. I had always thought the boys were busy with their trucks, action figures etc. Being the progressive thinker and know that I am as an educator that all children play with dolls as a form of dramatic expression, I said "yes." My husband reluctantly agreed to their demands, but only when the verbiage was changed to "action figure."

Armed with his approval, I searched online for 'dolls for children. Much to my regret, there was virtually no dolls and articles dealing with all the fear of playing with dolls as a sign of homosexuality. I tried a number of different phrases, including action figures, "" Ken doll ", and sports heroes. I even tried" articulating wrists ", Hoping to make the team attacked it that I wanted a Barbie doll, but was a man. My search led me to collectibles, icons of the film, and figurines costing more than $ 50.

What happened to the dolls of yesterday? They were a couple of dollars and had children by dozens. Instead of taking a toy, I discovered a new injury, the anti-men. This is, of course, ironic that I am a feminist and applauded the line of Barbies that allowed to "be anything" and "do nothing." But in our attempt to show our strength and beauty girls and provide them with lots of confidence, we have canceled our male counterparts? This is apparent from the limited selection of "toys. Representation of the ranks of the feminization of male the "boy toy" that Ken has become actuals on steroids.

sexual connotations abound from Ken dress to their lack of occupation. Today Ken doll comes with little more than a surfboard and thongs. He drives a pink car is no joke one line of the wrist is called "Hottie" Ken. Need I say more? How ironic that feminists who took up arms in the realistic representation of the figure of Barbie are allowing our partner men who are perceived as effeminate lazy fashion only are the beach and aspirations. nephew of 15 years of mine casually said Ken is one of Barbie accessories. How astute of the adolescent to recognize that all appearances, Ken was given the same consideration as a handbag or shoes with Barbie.

At the other extreme are the grotesquely muscled "action figures" that are more like figures and look like aliens or monsters. They are icons of or movie heroes rescue heroes, etc ... and no one in the least resemble any man I know. This does not mean that thousands of children delight in their fight against evil and the simulacrum of a good dramatic play. But my son is only 4 and does not relate to the representations on the movie screen. Nodding in recognition at the mention of Batman and the like, but is not interested in that kind of game ... not yet.

Where are the toys of yesteryear? I clearly remember cowboys with horses red (not bright purple My Little Pony), Indians, astronauts and the Lone Ranger. Why not come with a basketball Ken or briefcase, mountain climbing or cycling. Be a construction worker, a stockbroker or a chef or any unit that is not pink?

In short: Have we reached the end of the other address that we have forgotten the male perspective?

If I am in error, please find me the site or store I can buy a male physique making / clothing and act like a normal guy so I can buy for my child from his wrist. Meanwhile I'm still looking ....

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Annette Simmons aka Ms "K" is mother, author, Strider bike distributor, Kindermusik educator/owner and account manager and is all around exhausted....but blissfully happy.

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GI Joe commercial 1960's ( Hasbro )

It's Friday, I'm bored, I have a can of peas, TV guide last month and left arm in a GI Joe action figure?

Can come with a game for fun? Oh, well ... nothing twisted I have been nominated for president in the local Rotary Club and I would jeopardize more than my mother in the next room.

. Set up some pictures againt the back wall you can use a soft pea to stick on the panels if you like Then sit back, and use the arm of GI Joe as a shot sling. Place a pea in her hand and see if you can hit your favorite movie star journalist or in the head with a pea launched at full speed. Develop a system of points for you .... "Move Cobra"

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